Newsletter - February 2015

Blessings and Greetings everyone! The months of January and February have proven to be exhilarating and challenging for many of us (I can certainly attest personally.) Higher frequencies of BEING are amongst all of us and the question becomes HOW DO WE CHOOSE TO ‘BE’ in these frequencies? The question may sound daunting however I offer another view: Let’s embrace the beauty of being offered a choice? Individually we are offered the opportunity to choose how to “be” in these high vibrating spaces.

Let’s use our imagination to get us into the groove of a higher vibration! This is a fun approach: Stop thinking! Stop thinking! Stop thinking! As soon as you read “stop thinking” you are likely thinking again. Don’t worry – it’s normal. So instead of concentrating on “not thinking” , use your imagination to dream of something you LOVE to do. In your mind’s eye, envision yourself doing anything you LOVE to do.

My personal favourites include writing (like I am doing now for this newsletter), dancing (Ricky Martin has a new album with a Latino feel to it – great for dancing – OR Bruno Mars’ new song Uptown Funk – also great for dancing). I sometimes imagine playing my piano (which I rarely make time to do – silly me!). I suspect that you get where I am going with this. Imagining brings us to the place of a higher vibration without actually “doing” the thing we are imagining. The Universe then responds to the higher vibration and supports us in feeling GREAT!

This is the GIFT. The gift of choice and choosing to either DO something that makes us feel great OR imagine we are doing something that makes us feel great! Same end result . FEELING GREAT!

I find visionboarding to be a powerful tool to assist in my choice to feel great. Here’s a picture of the early stages of my current visionboard.

As I focus on choosing to be in the higher frequencies, I find pictures and words that simply POP off the pages as I enjoy time using my imagination. Creating visionboards has been part of my spiritual practice for years. In fact, I invite all of you to join me on March 14 for a FREE VISIONBOARD DROP-IN WORKSHOP. Register here if you are interested!


I am currently enjoying some holiday time with my husband and children. As I have chosen to be in and enjoy higher frequencies, I intend to spend time during my holiday to FEED MY SPIRIT in these higher vibrations. I invite you to spend time over the next week doing the same – FEED YOUR SPIRIT WITH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE HIGHER FREQUENCY SPACE FOR YOURSELF…..With immense Love and Joy to all!

By the way, here is my completed visionboard! Pretty cool! Now I have fun enjoying the manifestation!