Unblurred Lines

This past summer, the radio airwaves were continually broadcasting the super-popular hit, Blurred Lines by artist Robin Thicke. I enjoyed the song – peppy beat, great dancing potential and Robin Thicke is pretty easy to look at (my opinion!)

The popularity of the song has waned; however, I continue to be challenged with my own Blurred Lines – in fact, I am choosing to rephrase that to ‘UNBLURRED LINES’.

GAIN CLARITY! OR REGAIN CLARITY if it has been lost. Let’s not be blurred on issues in our lives that require attention. Believe me, this issue is not lost on me.

I recently had the privilege (joking – wasn’t a privilege at all) of neglecting to remain clear in an area of my life that is of extreme importance….let me explain….

With regularity, I receive information from my Spirit Guide, Sophie. She is gentle and powerful and VERY CLEAR in her requests (I attracted her energy for a reason). Recently she requested that I work on a project of a spiritual nature – something that would benefit many people and had deep lessons for me as well. Naturally I agreed as I take the guidance seriously. I proceeded to take action in the direction I felt most comfortable and suddenly I lost focus…..my EGO swooped in and took over of any clear moments of decision I had. I was blindsided – in a big way. It felt like a ghost swept through me and I was instantly distracted. Distracted with a capital “D”! I was distracted into listening to advice that was unclear and I was distracted into taking action that was against the original plan. I was surrounded with BLURRED LINES! Robin Thicke where were you – I needed help!

I became increasingly aware of the fallout of my allowing the distracting and had to act fast….I needed CLARITY! I remembered my basic training around reaching clarity in situations and I quite simply forced myself to sit still….very still….painfully still…..and, as usual, I received the guidance I needed to choose clarity over ego. The steps that followed resulted in some of the most significant spiritual lessons I have ever received. I will take the lessons (as I don’t’ want to repeat them!) and continue to reflect on the entire situation. I believe these lessons are deeply rooted and I expect it will take some time for me to process everything.

The message is simple – STAY CLEAR – GAIN CLARITY on decisions and be sure to ask for spiritual guidance in all areas of your life! Distraction is very powerful so carefully “watch” for it….. BE CLEAR!

With infinite love!