Midway through summer and I am enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.  I also enjoy the thrill of a thunderstorm and we have certainly witnessed a number of them this summer.  Something so refreshing and cleansing about a storm.

As the seasons change there are a number of additional changes that take place.   Change of wardrobe, change of pace, change of environment as many of us vacation during the summer months.   I appreciate the changes that come with changing seasons however there is one thing that doesn’t change for me - my daily spiritual practice.   Season after season, year after year I continue to expand my daily practice.

The primary basis of my practice includes journalling - I am a huge fan of journalling.

Why?   Firstly because I am creative by nature and I enjoy the use of words to express myself.   Secondly, I find the practice of journalling cathartic - my emotions spill onto the page and if the feelings are negative I actually feel a physical release whilst writing.  If my emotions are high, I also feel a physical thrill.   Win - Win.

Journalling became my friend over 20 years ago and I keep my entire collection of journals right here in my office.  I find it fun to randomly select one and read a few entries - I smile and congratulate myself on my commitment to this practice because as I reflect I see how far I have come OR I realize that I still have some work to do in some areas - again Win - Win.

I encourage you to continue your journalling practice if you have one and if not, I highly recommend you march yourself to your local bookstore and buy yourself the prettiest journal you can find!   Then spend time enjoying the cover, the clean white pages, the expanse of your journal.    Then grab your favourite pen or pencil (I own two very beautiful mechanical pencils that are exclusively used in my journals).   THEN WRITE IN IT!   Doesn’t matter how or how long - just WRITE IN IT.   And remember, as always, have fun with it.  

In one of my journalling sprees I received guidance around reaching the masses and subsequently decided to produce a number of very cool videos with messages that I was guided to share - WATCH FOR THEM!   I had a blast during the production and I hope you will enjoy them.

With immense love and joy!