Living the Life of an Intuitive

As an intuitive I experience life in a heightened way meaning that “feel" my way through any given day.  “Feeling” emotionally, mentally, energetically and,  on a day like today, PHYSICALLY.

My entire body aches……this happens periodically and on many different levels of pain however today is a doozy….

So I walk my talk and spend some time silence and listen to my still small voice. I ask,  “what is going on in my life that might be a contributing factor to this pain?”  Pain (Pay Attention Inward NOW) reminds me that there is something out of whack and my work is to sleuth out the answer. 

Initially I start by looking into my personal life. Any annoyances? Any anger? Any frustration? Any arguments left unsettled?  

Then onto the next level.  My immediate environment.  Any annoyances?  Any anger?  Any frustration?  Anything left unsettled?

Next level - global!  BINGO!  Any annoyances?  Any anger?  Any frustration? Anything left unsettled?

Today is September 11 and in the western world this date was forever changed in 2001.  Terrorist attack like no other the USA had ever seen that involved innocent civilians.  AND the past weeks have been spent wondering and worrying about Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Basically there is sadness and fear floating around - LOTS of sadness and fear.  

Compounding that sadness and fear across millions of people (multi-millions actually) leads me to the pain I feel today.  Simple enough however it HURTS……so next steps?

Admit that I am feeling pain and understanding why it is exacerbated today.  Honouring pain (as opposed to fluffing it off) is crucial to healing.  So I sit in pain and honour it.  I gently rub my arms and legs and smile at how attuned I am to energy.  A blessing and a curse (believe me).   

I decide to allow my body to accept this flow of energy and also remember that I am a conduit for this energy - basically I asked to be a conduit of energy in this lifetime….I repeat myself, a blessing and a curse.

Next step - take it easy and meditate.  Meditate to calm the pain without ignoring the pain.  

It subsides slightly over the meditation and I vow to treat myself with ease today.    

Welcome to my world on a day like today!