Challenge Accepted!

2017 has been quite the year for me!  We're finally settling into our new home, and falling in love with a new city; my children continue to grow into beautiful young adults right before my eyes, and I've made a promise to put more focus on my practice.  A new website, a new assistant, and a new office all manifested within a few months, and I find myself overwhelmed with joy for the opportunities I've been granted this year!

My wonderful husband, as well as my assistant Lauren, have challenged me to dedicate more time to my practice, devote more effort to my book and to expand my course offerings.  They know what I want to achieve, and are pushing me towards my goals.  And so, after doing some serious thinking, chatting with some loved ones and exploring what I hope my practice will become, I've decided to accept their challenge head on!  This is what I love to do, and I want to dive right in!  So to continue my year of change, I will once more be moving my office.  I know, it seems so soon, but I am so excited to share my new space with you!  By having my own office in downtown Burlington, I am able to offer a more intimate and comfortable space for all of you, a space which I can truly make my own.  I'm looking forward to offering some new courses (which will be posted to the site soon), as well as expanded hours for private sessions.  I will be spending the next couple of weeks setting up my new office, as well as working on course curriculum for the coming year, but will be accepting clients in my new space on Tuesday September 19th!  Please visit the website to book a session in my new space, and keep an eye out for new course offerings coming soon!

My new office is located in the Core Link Wellness Centre:

2238 Caroline Street
Burlington, Ontario

I would like to thank the wonderful Lisbeth Fregonese for graciously sharing her space with me as I settled into my new home and new way of doing things.  It has been a joy working with you!