Filling Your Spiritual Gas Tank

I am fond of metaphors.   As a youngster I had difficulty understanding concepts that required detailed explanations and found that, if presented with a metaphor, I would ‘get it’.    So I am prepared to share one with you that I find particularly relevant to the topic of this blog.

Our creative self (or intuitive or higher self) requires attention and nurturing in order to thrive, as well as survive.  Unfortunately for humankind many of us aren’t being attentive to this aspect of ourselves (hence the world is in a bit of trouble in some respects).    

I liken the creative self to a gas tank….a gas tank gets too low and the vehicle is in trouble.   Gas tank full and energized, all is well.  The same works for your spiritual ‘gas tank’.  It is imperative that we take time introspectively to discover how we can aid our growth and keep our gas tanks nicely full.

Appreciating the Silence

Personally I have developed a number of “tools” for my spiritual toolbox.   My favourite being spending some time each day in silence.    Whilst I sit in silence I ask,  “How can I help, how can I serve”?  Then I sit in silence and engage my sense of intuition and wait for an answer.     Sometimes I am guided to help myself and serve myself and other times the guidance involves helping and serving others. Sometimes it appears immediately, other times some additional quiet time is required.   This particular method has worked for me repeatedly and I generally leave my quiet sessions feeling peaceful, joyful and optimistic.  

I suggest you give it a try.  Don’t put any pressure on yourself - simply commit to a minute or two each day.   

Warning:  you may get hooked on this practice, as it can provide such a lovely array of beautiful emotions and an additional sense of calm!

Be sure to have fun with it - we are here on the planet to enjoy!   With love.