Shaped by Music

“Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny.”

- Bruce Springsteen

In previous blogs, I have mentioned that I try to live as creatively as often as I can, and recently have taken up writing as a new mission.  Over the past two years I have repeatedly enrolled in online writing courses to explore this aspect of my creativity.  I recently completed a writing course called “The Soundtrack of your Life”; the instructor had us look back over our lives and write about how particular artists, genres, and songs helped shape who we are today.  It was a blast!  Needless to say Bruce Springsteen came up again and again...and again and again….undoubtedly the most influential artist in my life thus far!  There are a few close seconds but no one will ever beat the Boss.

As a result of this trip down memory lane via music, I was reminded that I had saved my vinyl LP’s from my teenage and early adult years!  My son thought that was cool, since vinyl has made a massive comeback, plus I was reminded of my massive CD collection as well.  Sadly CD’s aren’t making a comeback so I had to purchase an external hard drive for my computer in order to listen to the old rascals.   

I stared at my stacks of albums, all in their original sleeves and sitting in the milk crates that were popular back in the day; I stared at my cases of CD’s; I stared at my blank page waiting to write my next assignment for the “Soundtrack” course.  I picked up the Born to Run CD, slid it into my hard-drive and I was off….all full of fire and power and enthusiasm.   Oh the joy of it all!   I am now in the process of downloading over 100 CD’s in my computer and I am committed to documenting and creating journal entries about how all of that beautiful and meaningful music makes me FEEL.

The “feeling” place is the place of the soul!  Anyone have any particular artists that have “stamped” your life?   Let me know who they are or the songs that particularly cut you to the core.  Celebrate and enjoy the work of these talented artists.  Bruce, here I come again for yet another listen!

With immense love and joy.