Change = Me, Me = Change

As I reflect on what has transpired in my life over the past year I bring myself back to a commonthread.  CHANGE.   How I celebrate change.   How I revel in change.   And oh how I resist change from time to time.

Yet I am completely comfortable with it right now.   Present moment comfort in the elements of change transpiring in my life.    Without the mundane, boring details (I will save that for another blog – betcha can’t wait for that one) I have experienced change on every level of my life in the past year.    A new body part (love my new titanium knee), a newly restored home in a new city that I swore I would never live in (and yet here I am embracing this new space) , some significant family challenges (my aging parents in particular), my daughter moving overseas to fulfill her dream, my son finishing post secondary education and fulfilling his dream.    So I reflect on how change is pretty much in order for me.  How do I embrace this change? I CELEBRATE IT!    This is the good news for me – CHANGE is here to stay and I have learned tocelebrate it even if my heels are dug into the old limiting spaces and beliefs.  I catapult myself into the arena of change.

How do I manage change? I continue to write (my creative soul-sustaining talent).   I continue toparticipate in my private practice as an Intuitive Therapist.    I continue to love my life regardless of outward views.

The good news is that I have a come to a new and very energetic place.     The old continues to be released and I made a concerted effort to move and change and grow and learn.


Want to hear about it?   O.K. here are the details:

New Website: (check it out – still tweaking and changing things but I love it)

New Office Space:  Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre,  720 Guelph Line,Suite 302B, Burlington ON L7R 3M8 (thanks Lisbeth for offering me a sacred space to work from)

New Support Team:   Lauren Barnett  – I put my big girl pants on and hired an incredibly talented, resourceful and caring woman to help me out.   Simple:   she helps me out and with a full-time practice and writing career on the rise I needed help.   You will undoubtedly be hearing from Lauren.

Plenty of change – join me as I celebrate.   I am joyously and expectantly ENJOYING LIFE and I want to help you enjoy yours as well so I look forward to connecting with you when you are ready.   Booking a reading online is simple and easy and I am preparing some additional workshops and retreats as well.   My soul is celebrating as I share with you.   With immense love and joy!